Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GF Chicken Nuggets

Gluten free kids need chicken nuggets. It's that simple. These plates look no different than thousands of other plates all over the country tonight, and that's very important. (I'd like to think that my countertop looks the same as other countertops too - holy criminy.)

On most nights Ore Ida Tater Tots or Curly Fries would also be on that plate, but I had plans for the rest of that chicken and was just trying to get the kids fed.

While most parents can just reach into the freezer, grab a handful of frozen nuggets, throw them in the microwave and call it dinner, gluten free parents don't have that option. At least without taking out a second mortgage.

BUT! These are super easy, super quick and super good. I either buy thin-sliced breast filets (which these were) so they're a nice and even thickness, making them easy to cook, or tenders. I take them straight out of the package, coat them directly in my gluten free breadcrumbs and fry them in a little corn oil (soy and canola bother my stomach).


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  1. You can also cut up chicken breasts (or tenders or whatever you've got) into nugget-sized pieces, then roll it around in bread crumbs, or crushed up Lays potato chips (which will stick just fine without doing an egg dip first), or crushed up corn chips, or a mix of all of them (add seasonings to taste), then bake at 350 for 20 minutes. We do that in big bunches and freeze them. Anytime kidlet wants nuggets we just nuke 'em for about 35 seconds and they're ready to go.