Friday, February 11, 2011

Encouragement (with pictures)

I haven't been blogging.

02_08_2011 012

I've pretty much been doing everything other than blogging.

02_08_2011 011

Making Spiderman cookies for my son's 7th birthday.

1_23_2011 216

The webs are just done with an edible ink pen from Michaels.

02_08_2011 001

See? Just some curvy-in lines.

02_08_2011 005

Then some frowny lines - it makes Spiderman look serious.

02_08_2011 006

And some angry eyebrows.

02_08_2011 008

Keep going. Angry on top, frowny on bottom.

02_08_2011 010

So I've been doing stuff.

1_23_2011 201

But it's just regular life stuff.

1_23_2011 181

Nothing specifically gluten free.

1_23_2011 180

But I guess that's a story and an achievement in and of itself.

1_23_2011 170

I still remember when it took me an hour of reading labels in the grocery store just to find a few ingredients.

1_23_2011 154

When I felt like I would never eat anything that tasted normal again.

1_23_2011 146

When I worried about my kids.

1_23_2011 145


1_23_2011 141

Guys? Seriously.. Can you just stand next to the tree and smile nicely for Mommy?

1_23_2011 144

Apparently not.

1_23_2011 147

Sigh... Just one?

1_23_2011 140

Good. Fine. I'll take it. Cut. Print.

1_23_2011 126

Where was I?

1_23_2011 106

I had a point.

1_23_2011 105

Oh yea.. Now I remember what it is.

1_23_2011 074

If you're new to being gluten free...

1_23_2011 067

there WILL be a time...

1_23_2011 037

in the not too distant future...

1_23_2011 024

where you'll barely think about gluten.

02_08_2011 040

A time when it will be so second nature that you'll be able to get in and out of the grocery store with three bags worth in 10 minutes flat.

1_23_2011 209

A time when you have to go to your pantry and really LOOK at everything when someone asks you what you buy that's gluten free.

Picture 028

Because you honestly don't remember.

02_08_2011 085

Someday someone will come to YOU to learn more about being gluten free.

02_08_2011 033

You'll realize that you really do have it all down to a science.

1_23_2011 207

And you barely think about gluten at all.

1_23_2011 159

It will be sooner than you think.

1_23_2011 064

I promise.