Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goals. I've got 'em.

This isn't my first blog. My first blog was called You'll Crack Your Head Open! because that's what I was constantly telling my kids when they asked me why they couldn't do backflips off the couches in our tile-floor house. Well.. actually what I used to tell them was you'll crack your head open and have to go live at the hospital and mommy would cry and cry forever and ever.

But that seemed a little long for a blog name.

At the time I thought I was going to be a Sassy Mommy Blogger. Turns out? It's a LOT harder than it looks. So I had some semi-sassy posts mixed in with some gluten free information and recipes. All in all it was a mess.

As time went on I realized that I really enjoy helping people get started on a gluten free diet. In my real life, more and more people are telling me about friends and relatives who are eating gluten free. I've given a few people that blog address, but it needs so much work. So I decided to start from scratch.

I want to start this blog with some informational posts. Partly just to get the information out there, and partly so I can link back to those informational posts as a resource for people. When I post a gluten free recipe, I don't want some well-meaning friend or relative to surprise someone with celiac disease with "gluten free" food that may not be gluten free. I want to have a link that friends and family can go to that will explain exactly what they would need to do to cook for their loved one, including asking them if it would be okay to cook for them. Because there is nothing more heart-wrenching than your favorite aunt showing up with "gluten free" food and trying to decide whether you'd rather risk being sick for days or hurt her feelings. Personally, I'd rather be sick than hurt someone's feelings. Which is NOT smart.

But those friends and relatives of ours, who love us and want us to be healthy and happy? Those people who go online to search out recipes and take extra time to make something special just for us? If there are extra steps they need to take to make sure something is truly gluten free, they truly want to know them. Trust me on this. I have a whole family of these wonderful people.

I'm going to be copying over some of my informational posts from my old blog and posting them here, as well as writing some additional informational posts before I start posting recipes and product recommendations. I want to feel like I've done everything I can to keep non-gluten-free friends and relatives well-informed, and those of us who need to eat gluten free as safe and healthy as possible.


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